Trumbull County Republican Party Welcomes You

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The Trumbull County GOP welcomes you to experience what it's like to make America great again. 
We are here to fight for fair trade deals with other countries, enforce our immigration laws, allow freedom of health care, to defend the Constitution, to encourage economic growth, defend your right to protect home and family, and to protect your right to religious freedoms.

The Republican party was founded in the Mid-West and Eastern states as an anti-slavery party on March 20, 1854.  Its goal was to prevent the spread of slavery into the new territories as the country expanded. 
In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was our first successful presidential candidate to win office. 

In 1865 Lincoln oversaw the goal of the Republican come to fruition by the passage of the  13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  It abolished slavery.






Phone:  (234) 806-4973

 Mail:  PO Box 8552

Warren, OH  44484

HQ:  1195 Niles Cortland SE, Warren

Headquarters open Mon-Sat 11-2:00.
Closed Sundays

I want to help. Please contact me!